About Us

Welcome to the Clifton Heights Police Department. Our officers proudly serve as members of the primary law enforcement agency for the residents of Clifton Heights Borough. The members of the Clifton Heights Police Department work with our residents and business leaders to provide professional and unbiased police services to protect life and property, as well as promote and foster good community relations for residents and visitors of our great town.

To meet the daunting tasks and ever expanding expectations of law enforcement in the 21st century, the Clifton Heights Police Department strives to educate our officers with both mandatory and specialized training. The Clifton Heights Police Department provides our residents and visitors an expectation of safety and security through our training as well as properly equipping our officers with the tools they need to perform their duty with confidence and pride.

We hope you find that this web site answers many of your common questions and directs you to the proper personnel or borough department to assist you.