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Police Activity weeks of 08/01/2017 – 08/31/2017

08/02/2017 – Forgery – Sgt. Chappelle

Police arrested a B/M resident of Philadelphia for attempting to pass a fraudulent prescription to get opioids. The male was in possession of fraudulent ID of another person with his photograph. He was charged with numerous drug and ID theft offenses.

08/10/2017 – Theft from Auto – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a W/M resident of Springfield for theft and related offenses including public drunkenness after it was reported was acting suspiciously around parked vehicles. While in custody police located several items that were reported stolen from other parked, unlocked vehicles.

08/12/2017 – DUI – Ofc. Berry

Police arrested a B/F resident of Philadelphia for DUI and narcotics charges after she was stopped for a traffic violation. Officer detected the odor of freshly burnt marijuana and located items consistent with smoking marijuana in the driver’s possession. She admitted to officers to smoking marijuana when driving.

08/13/2017 – Possession of narcotics – Ofc. Berry

Police arrested a B/M resident of Philadelphia after stopping a vehicle he was the passenger in for a traffic violation. During the stop, officers detected an odor of raw marijuana in the passenger compartment. The passenger admitted he was in possession of marijuana. Police located several glassine baggies containing suspected marijuana.

08/18/2017 – DUI / Narcotics – Ofc Scott

Police arrested a W/M resident of Westbrook Park for DUI and narcotics offenses after he was found unconscious in the driver’s position of a motor vehicle at a red light. Upon waking the defendant it was noted he was under the influence of a controlled substance. A blue baggie with suspected heroin was found in his possession.

08/22/2017 – Narcotics – Ofc Wooding

Police arrested a B/F resident for possession of marijuana after the vehicle she was a passenger in was stopped for a motor vehicle violation. During the stop police detected the odor of fresh marijuana in the vehicle and located several baggies and container that contained suspected marijuana. The defendant admitted the seized items to be hers.

08/28/2017 – Hindering / Narcotics – Sgt. McCaughan

Police arrested a W/F resident of Norwood after responding to the 100 blk of Diamond St. for a domestic argument. After learning the male half’s identity and the fact he was wanted for a probation violation, the female was asked where he was. She denied seeing or speaking to him. Police located the male under the bed the female was sitting on and arrested him and her. The female was found in possession of narcotics and paraphernalia and charged accordingly including for her role in hindering her boyfriend’s apprehension.