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Police Activity weeks of 04/01/2017 – 04/30/2017

04/01/2017 – Commercial Burglary – Ofc. Wooding

Sometime in the overnight hours entry into No. 1 China was made by breaking the front door glass. Once inside actor(s) took $90.00 from the cash register.

04/03/2017 – Stolen Vehicle – Ofc. Cummings

A resident observed two males in the area of his neighbors shed on April 2. After telling the males to leave, the resident returned to his residence. The following morning the neighbor/victim reported his shed broken into and a Kawasaki dirt bike missing.

04/03/2017 – Narcotics – Ofc. Berry

Upon viewing a MV violation officers stopped a w/m resident of Clifton Heights. During the course of this investigation officers recovered marijuana, a digital scale and other paraphernalia. The male was arrested and charges accordingly.

04/09/2017 – Public Drunkenness/DC – Ofc. Berry

While on patrol officers observed a w/m resident of Clifton Heights acting aggressively and fighting with two other males. The male was taken into custody and found to be extremely intoxicated. He was charges and housed until sober.

04/09/2017 – DUI – Ofc Berry

Police arrested a w/m resident of Clifton Heights for DUI and related charges avter observing him operate a motor vehicle in an unsafe manner. When stopped he displayed signs of intoxication and blurted out, “I’m drunk”. He was arrested and charges accordingly.

04/17/2014 – Commercial Burglary – Sgt. Mccaughan

The owner of the Clifton Gas and Wash reported that sometime overnight someone broke the glass of his front door. The actors removed only cigarettes.

04/21/2017 – DUI – Ofc. Ford

After observing an mv violation police stopped a w/m operator of the vehicle. While investigating the violation police detected signs of impairment which the operator confirmed by stating he has some beers prior to operation of the vehicle. The male was arrested and charged with DUI and related offenses.

04/23/2017 – DUI – Ofc. Scott

While investigating a crash in the 200 block of Baltimore Ave. police arrested a b/f resident of Virginia. During the investigation it was learned she was the operator and did display signs of intoxication. She was taken into custody and charged accordingly.