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Police Activity weeks of 06/01/2016 – 06/30/2016

06/08/2016 – Fraud (Flim/Flam) – Sgt. McCaughan

A resident in the unit block of S. Springfield Rd. reported receiving a call from the IRS who stated she owed $4900.00 in back taxes and if she didn’t pay would face arrest. The caller instructed her to get the funds in “I Tune” cards and call back with the numbers. She did as told, gave the caller the numbers and realized it was a fraud after she called the number back a second time and got no answer.

06/08/2016 – Warrant Arrest – Ofc. Berry

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights for an outstanding warrant after observing him walking on Baltimore Pk. He was taken into custody without incident.

06/08/2016 – Fraud (Flim/Flam) – Ofc. Clancy

A resident of the unit block of Marple Ave. received a call from a male stating that he was holding her daughter until she paid $1000.00 to him for medical bills. He stated her daughter was in an accident and injured someone and she would not be released until the bills were paid. THIS IS A SCHEME AND NOT TRUE. The officer knowing this, had the caller’s daughter get in touch with her.

06/14/2016 – Assault – Ofc. Berry

Police arrested a 32 year old white female resident of Clifton Heights after she assaulted her mother in police presence. Officers were called to the residence for a domestic argument. Upon arrival they entered to find the daughter on top of her mother hitting her. The female attempted to flee, but was arrested.

06/15/2016 – Warrant Arrest – Ofc Martin

Police assisted Sherriff’s Deputies in arresting a 24 year old resident of the unit block of E. Broadway Ave. She tried to hide from officers, but was located in a closet.

06/19/2015 – DUI (Drugs) – Ofc. Caputo

Police arrested a 40 year old black resident of Springfield for DUI and related charges after he was involved in an accident on W. Washington Ave. The male displayed symptoms of intoxication and admitted to “smoking Dope” prior to operating the vehicle.

06/26/2016 – DUI / Weapons – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a black male resident of Folcroft after observing him operate a vehicle with a missing tire and the vehicle sparking. Upon approaching the vehicle the male displayed symptoms of intoxication and was removed from the vehicle. When doing so police located a loaded gun in the front passenger compartment. The driver did not have a concealed carry permit.