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Police Activity weeks of 04/01/2015 – 04/30/2015

04/01/2015 – Trespassing – Ofc. Berry

A black male resident of Philadelphia was arrested for Trespassing for being on the SEPTA trolley tracks without authorization. After he became belligerent and caused a disturbance, he was cited for disorderly conduct also.

04/02/2015 – Theft of Auto Parts – Ofc. Wooding

A resident of Radnor St. reported the rear tailgate stolen from his company pick-up truck.

04/02/2015 – Trespassing – Ofc. Berry

A former, now homeless resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for Trespassing on the SEPTA Trolley tracks without authorization.

04/02/2015 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Wooding

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was found staggering in traffic and had a laceration to his forehead. When stopped he did not know where he was coming from or that he was injured. The male displayed obvious signs of intoxication. A medic unit was called and the male was transported to the hospital for his injuring and his level of intoxication. He was summoned by mail.

04/03/2015 – Public Drunkenness – Sgt. Morgan

A white male resident of Aldan was arrested after police observed him walking south on Springfield Rd. When checking him he was warned to return home. Approximately five minutes later he was observed hiding behind cars in a bar parking lot. He was arrested for D/C and P/D.

04/03/2015 – Warrants – Sgt. McCaughan

A white male resident know to have warrants was observed walking on Springfield Rd. past the police station. He was arrested for the warrants.

04/07/2015 – Public Drunkenness – Sgt. Chappelle

Police arrested a white female resident of Sharon Hill for P/D after a reported domestic at a local bar. She was located on Baltimore Ave. impeding traffic and was a threat to her own safety.

04/09/2015 – Warrants – Ofc. McCaughan

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights after receiving a tip about his location.

04/12/2015 – Narcotics – Ofc. Berry

Police issued a summons for a white male resident of Clifton Heights for narcotics after responding to his residence for an unconscious subject. He was found in a OD state and Narcan was administered to revive him. Narcotic and paraphilia were located in the residence.

04/12/2015 – DUI – Ofc. Gallo

A white male resident of Springfield was arrested for DUI and related charges after police observed him operate the wrong direction on a one was street and drive across the grass of private property to park in a parking lot. He admitted to drinking four or five beers prior to the stop.

04/16/2015 – Trespassing – Ofc. Wooding

A white male resident of Drexel Hill was arrested for Trespassing and D/C after we was observed on the SEPTA Trolley Tracks and ran from police. After a foot chase into UD he was arrested. He stated he ran because he was already warned about trespassing once.

04/19/2015 – Public Drunkenness – Sgt. McCaughan

A group of patrons exited a bar located on Diamond and Baltimore Aves when one of them began to taunt police. The male was staggering into traffic shouting obscenities at police. He was arrested and cited.

04/24/2015 – Warrants – Ofc. Wooding

Police responded to the 300 block of S. Penn St. for a report of a man with a gun. Upon arrival there was no gun but the target of the call was wanted for burglary out of Radnor Twp. He was arrested without incident.

04/26/2015 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Gallo

A white male resident of Secane was arrested for P/D after being observed being ejected from a bar at Baltimore and Diamond. After a brief struggle with police and was housed until sober and cited.

04/27/2015 – P/D D/C – Sgt. Martin

Police arrested a white male homeless person at his sister’s residence after the whole family was in the street arguing. The male was intoxicated and disorderly.

04/27/2015 – DUI – Ofc. Gallo

Police arrested a black male resident of Lansdowne after he was involved in a one vehicle accident on S. Springfield Rd. The male displayed impaired motor skills and other signs of intoxication.

04/28/2015 – Warrants – Sgt. McCaughan

Police arrested a white female resident of Clifton Heights after she was observed on E. Broadway Ave. Police were aware of outstanding warrants on her and took her into custody without incident.