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Police Activity weeks of 12/01/2014 through 12/30/2014

12/01/2014 – Flim Flam – Sgt Chappelle

Police received a complaint from a resident who stated she received a call from an individual identifying himself as a member of the IRS. The caller stated she owed money and that she would be arrested if she didn’t pay. Knowing this was a scan, the complainant hung up. The IRS will never cold call you for money or fines. Local police will not arrest you, nor enforce IRS sanctions.

12/03/2014 – Assault – Sgt. McCaughan

Police responded to the 400 block of Springfield Rd. for a reported assault with a weapon. The victim reported her boyfriend threatened her all day and at some points assaulted her. The male was reportedly on the second floor of the residence armed with a three-foot sword and intoxicated. The male was located in the residence, intoxicated. He was taken into custody without incident. The sword was recovered.

12/06/2014 – Disorderly Conduct. – Ofc Gallo

Police arrested a white male from Clifton Heights and another from Westbrook Park after they exited a bar on Broadway Ave. and began to fight.

12/06/2014 – Theft from Vehicle – Officer McAvaney

A resident of the unit block of Springfield Rd. reported his vehicle entered sometime overnight and valuables taken including a credit card. The card was subsequently used at the 7-11 on the same date. A photo of the actor is posted on the Clifton Heights Borough Police Department FB page.

12/07/2014 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a white male resident of Secane after he was thrown out of the Rams Head Bar for fighting. He was found screaming explicatives while walking in the highway. He was arrested and taken into custody.

12/08/2014 – Assault – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a white male resident of Drexel Hill after police responded to Mary’s Café for a reported fight. Upon their arrival they observed him being subdued by several others after, and for no reason he became enrage and assaulted another person.

12/08/2014 – Theft from Vehicle – Sgt. McCaughan

Police responded to the 100 block of s. Church St. for a reported theft from vehicle. The victim reported that sometime overnight someone entered their vehicle and took several power tools.

12/10/2014 – Retail Theft – Sgt. McCaughan

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights for shoplifting and related offenses after being called to the Rite Aid for a theft call. The male was also identified as being in the store on the day prior and taking an Eagles shirt. The shirt was later recovered and the male was processed and charged.

12/15/2014 – Narcotics – Ofc. Wooding

Police detained a white male resident from Drexel Hill for trespassing on SEPTA property. While attempting to take him into custody, he began to resist but was subdued. Police found drug paraphernalia and suspected heroin on his person incident to arrest.

12/17/2014 – Counterfeit – Ofc Berry

Police arrested a black female resident of Clifton Heights for fraud and related charges when she attempted to pass counterfeit $100.00 and $50.00 notes. Two accomplices who police believe were also involved fled prior to police arrival. Photos of persons of interest are posted on the Clifton Heights Borough Police Department FB page.

12/20/2014 – Retail Theft – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a black male resident of Philadelphia for shoplifting and related charges after Kmart Loss Prevention detained him. The male attempted to leave the store with a TV, Sound Bar, and washer fluid without paying for the items.

12/22/2014 – DUI / Narcotics – Sgt. McCaughan

Police arrested a white male resident of Springfield for DUI and narcotics charges after the defendant left the scene of an accident. Police later located the male, finding him in an intoxicated state. Suspected marijuana and smoking bowl were also located in his vehicle.

12/30/2014 – DUI – Ofc. Caputo

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights for DUI and related charges after he was involved in as accident. The male displayed symptoms of impairment and was arrested at the scene.