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Police Activity weeks of 02/03/2014 to 03/09/2014

02/06/2014 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Wooding

A white male resident of Philadelphia was arrested and charged with public drunkenness after being observed by Ofc. Wooding staggering on E. Baltimore Ave. carrying a case of beer. While in custody it was learning that the actor did have outstanding probation violation warrants. He was later transported to the county prison.

02/07/2014 – Retail Theft – Sgt. Rich

Police responded to the Rite Aid Pharmacy on E. Baltimore Ave for a reported shoplifter who was being violent. Upon their arrival, the white female resident of Clifton Heights was in the custody of loss prevention officers and calm. She was observed by loss prevention taking $53.00 in store merchandise without paying for it.
The defendant was arrested and upgraded retail theft charges were lodged due to prior convictions.

02/09/2014 – Robbery – Sgt Martin

Three Hispanic males from Philadelphia were arrested for robbery and related offenses after a failed attempt in forcing the clerks to open the register and turn over money. One of the males indicated he had a gun.
The clerks refused and two of the males fled on foot and were caught after a brief foot chase with police. A third was identified as a get away car driver and was also apprehended after a brief foot chase.

02/18/2014 – Retail Theft – Sgt. McCaughan

A white female resident of Drexel Hill was arrested for retail theft at the 7-11 on E. Baltimore Ave. She was observed by store employees concealing merchandise without paying for it.

02/18/2014 – Assault – Sgt. Rich

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for aggravated assault and related charges after threatening another motorist with a samurai sword during a traffic argument. Police served a search warrant at his residence after he denied owning any swords and located three samurai swords under his bed along with drug paraphernalia.

02/21/3014 – Public Drunkenness – Sgt. Martin

Police arrested a black female resident of Clifton Heights for public drunkenness after responding to a residence in the unit block of Walnut St. for a mother / daughter domestic. The female was house in the cellblock until sober, cited and released.

02/21/2014 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Berry

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for public drunkenness after police were called to the 200 block of E. Broadway Ave. for a reported male walking in circles in front of a business. The male was found passed out in a snow bank upon police arrival. It was determined he was under the influence of alcohol. The male was housed in the cellblock until sober, cited and released.

02/22/2014 – Warrant Service – Ofc. Wooding

Police arrested a white female resident for parole violations after assisting Delaware Count Sheriffs Department officers with a search of a residence in the 100 block of N. Glenwood Ave.

02/23/2014 – Fraud/Theft – Ofc. Burke Ofc. Berry

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for theft, fraud and related charges after a victim reported loosing their credit card at a local business. Video from other businesses where the card was used at after the reported theft showed the same white male making several transactions.

The male was stopped by an alert officer (Sgt. Chappelle) several days later walking on Baltimore Ave. wearing the same clothing as the day of the thefts. He was arrested and charged accordingly.

02/27/2014 – Theft – Sgt. Brown

Clifton Heights Police were requested to assist the US Postal Inspection Service regarding an investigation of a postal employee taking cash and gift cards from letters meant for delivery. As a result, a black female resident of Clifton Heights who was employed as a mailperson was arrested after taking bait items on her route. Marked bills and gift cards were found in her possession. She did admit to the thefts.

03/03/2014 – DUI/Unauthorized Use Sgt. Morgan

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for DUI and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after police observed the vehicle he was operating run a stop sign at Glenwood and Broadway Aves. Upon approaching the vehicle the operator was observed to have signs of oblivious intoxication and was arrested. After contacting the owner of the vehicle, he stated that the male took his vehicle while he was sleeping and did not have permission to use it.

03/04/2014 – Assault – Ofc. Wooding

A white female resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for assault and related charges after police responded to the Cliff Side Bar on S. Springfield Rd. for a reported assault. The victims stated that the intoxicated female randomly targeted them outside the bar and began to assault them.

03/04/2014 – Narcotics – Sgt. Martin

Police responded to the unit block of W. Madison Ave. for a medical report and arrested a white male and female resident of the address. Police located narcotics, including marijuana in plain view while assisting on the medical call.

03/06/2014 – Narcotics – Ofc. McAveney

Police arrested a white male resident of the 500 block of Chester Ave. after assisting the Delaware County Sheriffs Department with serving a warrant on the male for parole violations. Upon searching the male, who was found hiding in a closet police located 14 baggies of heroin in his pocket.

03/07/2014 – PFA Violation – Ofc. McCaughan/ Ofc Gallo

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights for violating a protection from abuse order twice in one day. The male began to call the plaintiff of the order and her friends in a harassing manner and was observed by the plaintiff driving around her residence.

The male was later arrested in his vehicle outside of the plaintiff’s residence.