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Police Activity week of 05/06/2013 through 06/02/2013

05/06/13 – Theft – Ofc Wooding

A resident of Rockbourne Rd. reported her green Kayak stolen from the property. She stated that she knew the actor and did not wish to prosecute.

05/10/13 – Narcotics – Ofc. Wooding

A white male resident from Upper Darby was arrested after police responded to the intersection of Baltimore Ave. and Walnut St. The male was found in possession of suspected marijuana and was visibly intoxicated.

05/13/13 – Attempted Commercial Burglary Sgt. Martin

Police responded to the Westbrook Pharmacy in the 200 block of W, Baltimore Ave. for a reported attempted burglary. Sometime overnight an actor attempted to enter the business by twisting out the deadbolt lock. Entry was not made, but the owner suffered property damage.

05/16/13 – Theft from vehicle – Ofc. Gallo

Police responded to the 200 block of Woodbridge Rd. for a reported theft from vehicle. The victim stated that the vehicle was parked on the street overnight and an unknown person gained entry and took about $5.00 in change.

05/18/13 – Disorderly Conduct / Under Age Drinking Ofc. McCaughan

Police responded to the 500 block of Chester Ave. for a report of disorderly persons on the SEPTA Train tracks. Police arrested six individuals and charged them with D/C and UAD.

5/20/13 – Theft from property – Sgt. Chappelle

Police responded to the unit block of W. Wyncliffe Ave. for a reported theft of air conditioners. The victim stated that he left a window unit on his steps while attending to something in the rear of his residence. He stated that when he returned the air conditioner was gone. A neighbor stated that she saw a scrapper in a blue pick up truck in the area earlier, but did not see him take it.

05/21/13 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Wooding

A white male and black male resident of Clifton Heights were arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness after police responded to a disturbance involving both men.

05/26/13 – Disorderly Conduct – Ofc. McCaughan

A black male resident of Philadelphia was arrested for Disorderly Conduct after police observed him urinating on playground equipment on N. Springfield Rd.

05/26/13 – Burglary – Ofc. Caputo

A white male resident of Secane was arrested for burglary and related charges after a resident of the unit block of Mill St. reported a theft from their residence. The male was stopped in the area and identified as someone familiar with the property. After a subsequent investigation, the male was arrested and charged with the crime.

05/30/13 – Theft of Bicycle – Ofc. Caputo

A resident of the 300 block of S. Springfield reported her child’s bicycle stolen from the property. It’s value was $150.00 and it was described as a green and silver Mongoose.

05/31/13 – Narcotics – Sgt. Morgan

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was charged with narcotics violations after he was located on the SEPTA tracks under the influence of drugs. The male was found in possession of needles and empty heroin baggies.

06/01/13 – DUI – Sgt. Martin

A white female from Clifton Heights was arrested for DUI and related charges after officers observed the operator commit several traffic violations. She was stopped and upon interaction with Sgt. Martin, she was observed to have symptoms of being under the influence. The operator was arrested and charged with DUI and related offenses.

06/02/13 – Narcotics – Ofc. Mccaughan

A black male resident of Sharon Hill was arrested for narcotics possession and related charges after the vehicle he was operating was stopped for traffic violations. Officers investigating the incidence located suspected marijuana and paraphernalia in the vehicle during the stop.