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Police Activity week of 07/02/2012 through 07/15/2012

07/04/2012 – Burglary – Ofc. Morgan

As a result of recent burglaries at the Kmart Store located on E. Baltimore Ave. in Clifton Heights Ofc. Morgan did begin surveillance at this location in the early morning hours. At about 01:00 she observed a vehicle enter the property similar to on one shown on video from the prior burglary. When attempting to stop the vehicle the operator fled at a high rate of speed. During the ensuing pursuit several vehicle were damaged by the actor. When stopped and detained it was learned that the vehicle being operated by the actor was stolen. The actor was identified by video as the burglar in prior incidents. He was charged with aggravated assault, burglary and related charges.

07/04/2012 – Assault – Sgt. Brown

A warrant was filed after police responded to a local hospital for a reported domestic assault. The victim identified a white male actor who resides with her in Clifton Heights as the person who assaulted her. The warrant for Aggravated Assault and related charges was served the following day without incident. A second warrant was filed on this actor after it was learned that the victim had a valid Protection from Abuse Order against him.

07/04/2012 – Assault – Sgt. Martin

A white male resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for assault and related charges after police responded to his residence for a domestic between him and his girlfriend. The victim’s brother and children witnessed the assault and gave police a statement consistent with the victim’s account.

07/05/2012 – Narcotics – Ofc. McCaughan

Police arrested a juvenile after being called to the residence by his probation officer. The probation officer, while doing a home visit observed drug paraphernalia and other violations of the juvenile probation. He was taken into custody and charged with drug possession and related offenses.

07/06/2012 – Shoplifting – Ofc. Caputo

Police arrested a juvenile for retail theft at the Kmart after security observed her taking $94.00 in clothing and place it in a bag she was possession of. She attempted to leave the store without paying for the items.

07/09/2012 – Shoplifting – Ofc. McCaughan

Police arrested a white female from Aston after Kmart Security observed her conceal $70.00 in merchandise and attempt to leave the store without paying for it.

07/10/2012 – Burglary – Ofc. McCaughan

Police responded to the unit block of Edgemont Ave. for a reported burglary at a residence. The victim stated he was in bed and heard banging in his residence. Upon investigating he stated he heard two people leaving through his front door. Upon police arrival the front window screen and window was damaged and it was believed that this was the entry point. The victim reported his flat screen TV removed from the residence.

07/10/2012 – Burglary – Ofc. Press

Police responded to the 200 Block of W. Washington Ave. for a reported found burglary. Police spoke with the victim who stated that she left the residence the prior evening and upon returning home this day she noticed her front door unlocked. The victim stated both front and back doors of the residence were locked when she left. Upon further investigation by the victim she noted several items of jewelry missing from her room.

07/11/2012 – DUI/Theft – Sgt. Rich

Police responded to the 7-11 at about 00:40 for a reported retail theft. The clerk described the actor and vehicle which was stopped a few blocks away. Upon interviewing the operator it was determined that he was under the influence of a controlled substance and unsafe to drive on a highway. He was arrested and charged with DUI and retail theft.

07/11/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Caputo

Police responded to a one vehicle accident into a utility police in the unit block of W. Broadway Ave. Upon investigation it was determined that the operator was under the influence of Controlled Substance and was in possession of heroin and drug paraphilia. The white female from Clifton Heights was also transporting two juveniles at the time of the accident. She admitted to ingesting heroin prior to operating the motor vehicle.

07/11/2012 – Theft – Sgt. Brown

Employees of a local church reported to police that they found cash boxes empty this day and payments from a child care service were made and stored in the boxes. The boxes were not stored securely and numerous people could have made access to them. The investigation is ongoing.

7/12/2012 – Theft – Ofc. Clancy

A resident reported to police observing a black male entering someone’s yard and riding off with a bike stored on the porch. The witness stated that this male was with another male riding a bike. Police located the actors who were juveniles. Both were returned to police HQ for further investigation when a victim identified the bike taken as theirs and stated the male had no permission to go on the property or take the bike. Theft and related charges were lodged against this actor.

07/13/2012 – Theft – Ofc. Hahn

Police responded to the 500 block of W. Broadway Ave. for a reported theft from vehicle. The victim reported finding someone entered her unlocked vehicle and took about $20.00 in change from the vehicle.

07/13/2012 – Disorderly conduct / Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Wooding

Police responded to S. Church St. for a reported fight out. Upon arrival officers spoke with a female complainant who stated there was no fight but that a white male resident of Clifton Heights, that was known to her was very intoxicated and verbally harassed her. Police located this male a short distance away and observed him to be very intoxicated. He was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

07/16/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Cook

After attempting to assist a disabled motorist on S. Church St. in Clifton Heights, Officer Cook noticed the white male motorist from Clifton Heights was under the influence of alcohol to an extent rendering him unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. The male was arrested and it was noted that he also had an active bench warrant for his arrest. He was charged with DUI and related offenses.

07/17/2012 – Theft from Vehicle – Sgt. Chappelle

A resident in the unit block of Edgemont Ave. reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle overnight and took the vehicle registration and a bottle of woman’s perfume. A neighbor did witness two males about 6’ tall wearing baseball caps in the vehicle about 1:00 am but did not know it was not their vehicle.

07/19/2012 – Theft from vehicle – Ofc. McCaughan

Three residents in the area of the 500 block of E. Washington Ave. reported their unlocked vehicles entered in sometime overnight. Taken was spare change, a gift card and a Nook E reader.

07/19/2012 – Burglary – Sgt. Brown

Residents reported seeing two juveniles leaving a residence in the unit block of W. Broadway Ave and gave chase. A witness did subdue one of the individuals until police arrived. Upon investigating further it was learned that the actor had no permission to be at the residence they were seen at. During this same period several more juveniles were taken into custody in the area of the unit block of W. Madison Ave. It is believed that some if not all are related to several burglary reports in Clifton Heights and Aldan in the last few weeks. The investigation is continuing into their possible involvement.

07/19/2012 – Burglary – Sgt. Brown

A resident of the 100 block of Radnor St. reported his residence forcibly entered and electronics taken sometime between 04:00 and 12 noon. Police are investigating the connection between this and several other open burglaries of similar MO.

07/20/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Morgan

After investigating a domestic argument complaint in the unit block of N. Sycamore Ave. Police stopped a black female resident of Philadelphia who left the location prior to police arrival. She was operating a silver Pontiac. Officers detected signs that the operator was under the influence of alcohol while driving the vehicle and that there was two cold cans of beer, one being open in the console. The driver was arrested for DUI and related offenses.