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Police Activity week of 06/18/2012 through 07/01/2012

06/19/2012 – Residential Burglary – Ofc. Morgan

Officers responded to the 500 Block of Chester Ave for a reported burglary. The victim reported hearing someone in the residence about forty minutes prior to calling 911. She stated that she noted a laptop computer missing from the residence. A canvass of the surrounding neighbors who may have witnessed the incident provided no results.

06/20/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Press

Officers responded to the 400 block of N. Springfield Rd. for a reported unconscious driver in a business parking lot. Upon their arrival they located a white female slumped over the wheel of a running vehicle. After waking and interviewing the Collingdale resident, it was learned that she was under the influence of prescription medication to a degree which rendered her unable to operate a motor vehicle safely. She was charged with DUI and related offenses.

06/20/2012 – Underage Drinking / Trespassing Ofc. Wooding

Several juveniles were taken into custody and charged with underage drinking and trespassing after they were found on the SEPTA trolley line tracks in possession of alcohol and in varying sates of intoxication. All were charged and released to their parents.

06/23/2012 – Narcotics / DUI – Ofc. Morgan

Police responded to the 500 block of W. Baltimore Ave. for a reported unconscious driver. They located a white male from the Westbrook Park section of UD blocking traffic in a vehicle with his foot on the brake and vehicle in drive. Upon further investigation officer determined the male was under the influence of drugs after observing his behavior and seeing packages of suspected heroin and a tourniquet wrapped around the males arm. He was arrested and charged with Narcotics violations and DUI.

06/25/2012 – Theft – Ofc. McCaughan

A resident of the unit block of Harrison Ave. reported that sometime over the weekend his lawn mower was taken from his property. He stated that the value was approximately $300.00.

06/26/2012 – Burglary – Ofc. McCaughan

A resident on the 500 block of Chester Ave. reported a burglary at her residence at about 11:45am. She stated that was in the basement and heard someone upstairs. When she yelled up the steps, someone left through the front door. Upon going upstairs it was noted that furniture was moved from the front window where the screen was cut and entry was made. Nothing was reported missing since it was believed the actor thought the residence was vacant and was scared away when the resident yelled upstairs. –

06/26/2012 – Burglary – Ofc. McCaughan

A resident of the 500 block of Chester Ave. reported a burglary at her residence this date. She stated that she was out of the residence between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm. When she returned she found that someone entered her residence by pushing in the dining room window screen. She reported electronics, sneakers and alcohol missing from the residence.

06/26/2012 – Retail theft – Ofc. Press

Police responded to the K Mart Store for a reported shoplifter in custody. Police arrested a white male from Drexel Hill after security described seeing him remove items from the packaging and conceal them on his person. He attempted to leave the store without paying for the items.

06/28/2012 – Retail Theft – Ofc. Morgan

Police responded to the Kmart Store for a reported shoplifter in custody. Police arrested a black female resident of Philadelphia after security described observing the female conceal video games in her purse and leave the store without paying for the items.

06/30/2012 – Burglary – Sgt. Martin

The store manager of Kmart reported a burglary at the business sometime overnight. After reviewing the surveillance tapes police identified a white male entered the business on two occasions and taking electronics. On 7/3/2012 police set up surveillance on the location and observed the same male returning again and attempting to gain entry into the business. Police attempted to stop the actor who fled in a stolen vehicle. After a brief chase the male was arrests and charged with several offenses including burglary and related charges. Officer Morgan and Sgt. Chappelle were credited with the arrest.

06/30/2012 – Domestic Assault – Sgt. Martin

After responding to the 400 block of S. Springfield Rd. Police investigated a domestic assault report where the victim indicated her boyfriend and her were arguing and he assaulted her. The victim showed injuries consistent with her statement including torn clothing and fresh injuries. Police located a white male resident of Clifton Heights a short distance away who was arrested and charged with the assault.

07/01/2012 – Stolen Vehicle – Ofc. Press

A resident of the unit block of Windsor Ln. reported her 2003 Chrysler Minivan stolen. She stated that the vehicle was unlocked and she had left the keys on her front steps while playing with her children in the rear yard. When she returned to the front the vehicle was missing.

07/02/2012 – Assault – Ofc. Press

A white female resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for assault and related charges after police responded to the unit block of Maple Terrace. The victim was the female’s mother who reported to police that after an argument about the defendant coming home intoxicated ended, the defendant assaulted her . The victim did display injuries consistent with her description of the assault.