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Suspicious Persons

All residents are reminded that anyone going door to door soliciting business must have a permit from the police department which will contain their photograph. During the process of attaining this permit police check the background of the solicitor and will deny the permit for convictions of serious crimes.

Residents are asked to call 911 for persons soliciting door to door.
Presently there are not any permits issued for 2012. The only exemption is for religious organizations and non-profit organizations who are NOT soliciting for donations.

Residents are urged to use caution when interacting with door to door sales people. Although there are legitimate sales persons who use this method, many times a criminal element uses this rouse to distract homeowners to commit crime or provide sub-standard services for financial gain. The elderly are specifically targeted during these scams.

Police Activity week of 04/02/2012 through 04/08/2012

04/02/2012 – Theft – Sgt. Brown

An employee of a retail store in the 300 block of W. Baltimore Ave. reported a Coach wristlet stolen from the business while she was working. The employee reported leaving her handbag unattended on a counter. When she returned, the wristlet was missing.

04/05/2012 – Theft – Ofc. Wooding

A resident of the unit Block of N. Sycamore Ave. reported leaving a bag of various tools on their porch overnight. Sometime between 7:00 pm and 7:00am they found that bag was stolen. The value of the items was approximately $200.00.

04/05/2012 – Retail Theft – Sgt. Chappelle

Kmart loss prevention officer reported observing a 59 year old white female resident of Lansdowne conceal $23.00 worth of merchandise and fail to pay for it. The female was detained by Kmart and turned over to police for charging.

04/07/2012 – Domestic Assault – Sgt. Martin

Police responded to the 100 block of E. Madison Ave. for a reported domestic assault. Upon interviewing the victim, she stated that the injuries she sustained were at the hand of her boyfriend. She stated that her boyfriend was intoxicated and attempted to harm a pet bird for making noise. When the victim intervened, she was assaulted.

When police confronted the 33 year old white male accused of the assault, he became combative with police and had to be subdued. He was arrested and charged with assault and related offenses as well as cruelty to animals.

04/07/2012 – Assault – Ofc. Cook

Police responded to a bar located in the 300 block of S. Springfield Rd. for a reported assault. The victim was found in the bathroom of the bar with a laceration to his head. Witnesses reported seeing the victim assaulted by a white male with a bald head who used a “baton” during the attack.

Upon interviewing the victim, he would not cooperate with the police. He stated he knew the actor but did not want to get him in trouble. Medical personnel were called to the scene, but the victim refused treatment.

04/08/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Gallo

Officer Gallo observed a traffic violation at the intersection of Baltimore Ave. and Oak Ave. Upon stopping the vehicle and interviewing the operator, Gallo detected signs of intoxication. The operator admitted to drinking beer prior to operating the vehicle and refused to submit to any chemical testing. He was arrested and charged with DUI and related offenses.