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Police Activity week of 01/09/2012 through 01/16/2012

01/09/2012 – Commercial Burglary – Sgt. Brown

Officers responded to the 300 Block of W. Baltimore Ave. for a reported burglary. The owner of the business stated that the business was closed at 7:30 last evening and when opened this morning the workstations were in disarray and tip money owned by the employees was missing. He stated that he may have lost the keys to the business last evening and is unaware if someone found them in the parking lot and entered the store.

01/10/2012 – DUI – Ofc. McCaughan

Responding to a reported hit and run accident at about 1:30pm officers located the suspect vehicle operated by a white male from Upper Darby. Upon investigation they detected signs of intoxication by the operator and witnesses identified the defendant’s vehicle as the one involved in the accident. The operator was arrested for DUI, Hit and Run and related offenses.

01/10/2012 – Assault – Ofc. McCaughan

Officers responded to an assault report and interviewed a 12-year-old victim who stated that she was just assaulted by an unknown white female who entered a residence in the unit block of North Sycamore. The actor was described by the victim and several witnesses including her clothing and physical appearance.

Officers went to the residence on North Sycamore and spoke with a female who fit the victim’s description. While speaking to her, she tried to flee from the residence but was detained by officers. Upon her arrest the woman was described by arresting officers as very intoxicated and blurted out “she deserved it”, referring to the juvenile victim. The woman was charges with assault and related offenses.

01/12/2012 – Flim Flam / Pigeon Drop – Sgt. Brown

A 74-year-old victim reported meeting a black male in the Price Rite store who told her a story of being hungry, no money and his brother had been killed in a plane crash. During the course of this conversation the male coaxed the victim to take her to the “white man’s bank” where he heard you can take money out and he needed to see it to believe it. She did so, and although the male asked her to withdraw $30,000, she took out $700.00. She placed this into a bag provided by the male along with her jewelry. She believed the male also put money into the bag and that he was going to give it to charity. She stated that they also prayed over the bag.

The victim took the male to Burger King on Clifton Heights and while she went to get him food the male fled the car. The bag she believed he used was left in the car and was found only to contain toilet paper. The victim lost her money and jewelry to the male.

01/13/2012 – DUI – Ofc. Gallo

After viewing a traffic violation, Officer Gallo stopped a vehicle operated by a white female resident of Upper Darby. While investigating the traffic violation Officer Gallo detected evidence that the operator was under the influence of alcohol to an extent that rendered her unsafe to operate the vehicle. A PBT indicated a positive response for alcohol. The operator was arrested for DUI .

01/14/2012 – Retail Theft – Sgt. Rich

Officers responded to the Kmart on Baltimore Ave. for a reported shoplifter in custody. Officers spoke with Loss Prevention to learn that a black male resident of Philadelphia was observed in the store selecting $69.99 of Kmart merchandise and remove it from the store without paying for it. The male was arrested and charged with retail theft.

01/16/2012 – Under Age Drinking – Ofc. Martin

Officers responded to S. Penn St. and Berkley Ave. for a reported disorderly group at about 11:30 pm. They located six juveniles in the area causing a disturbance and upon speaking with the determined they had been drinking alcohol. All were cited for underage drinking and released to a guardian.