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Police Activity weeks of 11-21-2011 through 12-12-2011

11/21/2011 Retail Theft Ofc. Gallo/Ofc. Caputo

Police responded to the Kmart Store for a reported shoplifter. Loss prevention described observing a black female from Upper Darby select $79.00 worth of Kmart merchandise and leave the store without paying for it. The female was arrested and charged with Retail Theft.

11/22/2011 Theft Ofc. Morgan/Sgt. Chappelle

Police responded to the unit block of Edgemont Ave for a reported theft of jewelry. The victim stated that approximately $10,000.00 worth of jewelry was missing from her residence. After canvassing local pawn shops officers located some of the jewelry and learned it was sold by a family member who had access but not permission to take the items. An arrest warrant was issued for that person.

11/24/2011 DUI Sgt. Martin/Ofc. Press

As a result of an accident investigation a white male who resides in Glenn Mills was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. When investigating the accident, officer detected on the defendant and he tested positing for alcohol consumption.

11/26/2011 Theft Ofc. Caputo

A tire retail shop on the 500 block of W. Baltimore Ave. reported a black male operating a Ford Taurus pulled onto the lot and removed four tires on display at the curb. The caller did not get any other identifying information in this incident. The vehicle and operator fled prior to PD arrival.

11/26/2011 Retail Theft Ofc. Scott Hahn/Ofc. Morgan

Police responded to the Kmart Store in Clifton Heights for a reported shoplifter. Loss Prevention described observing a black female resident of Philadelphia select a Wii game system and place it into a bag. She continued to shop, entered a checkout lane and paid for items except for the game system. She was arrested and charged with Retail theft.

11/27/2011 Criminal Mischief to Auto Ofc. Wooding/Sgt Brown

Police responded to the 500 block of Chester Ave for a reported criminal mischief report. The victim stated that sometime overnight an unknown person slashed all four of her tires. Police observed a ½”slash in the side wall of the victim’s tires.

11/27/2011 Theft Ofc. Wooding

A customer of the Kmart reported finding her handbag missing from her shopping cart after leaving it unattended. Police viewed the video provided by security but could not locate the act, as the victim was out of view of the CCTV system on several occasions.

11/29/2011 Theft Sgt Brown

Lansdowne Police Department had arrested two black females from Philadelphia for retail theft and related charges when they located un-purchased items from Sally’s Beauty Supplies on W. Baltimore Ave. in Clifton heights. Police interviewed the clerks at this business to find that the females were in earlier and distracted the employees and took almost $100.00 in hair extensions. After a positive identification the females were charged with retail theft in Clifton Heights.

11/29/2011 Criminal Mischief to Auto Sgt. Martin/Ofc. Wooding

Police responded to the unit block of Fairview Rd. for a report of vandalism to a vehicle. The victim’s vehicle had been kicked in several spots and the windows broken. The victim stated that it happened sometime overnight. She did not know who may be responsible for the act.

11/29/2011 Counterfeit Money Ofc. Wooding

A local pizza shop owner reported a white female attempted to purchase items with a $20.00 bill. When he became suspicious of the money, she ran from the store.

11/30/2011 Armed Robbery Sgt, Chappelle/Ofc. Gallo

Police responded to the 200 block of Revere Rd. for a reported armed robbery with shots fired. The victim stated that he and his wife were returning home when confronted by two black males in the rear of the residence. One of the males was armed and demanded the victim’s wallet. The victim himself was armed and fired at the suspect and both suspects fled on foot. The victim believes the suspect was hit by the victim gunfire.

12/03/2011 DUI Ofc. Wooding/Sgt Rich

Police investigated a two-vehicle accident in the 200 blcok of E. Broadway Ave. A white female from Drexel Hill was one of the operators in the accident and displayed signs of being intoxicated. After the investigation the femaled was arrested for DUI and related charges.

12/03/2011 Assault Sgt. Martin/Ofc. Press

Police arrested a white male and female who reside in the 200 block of n. Sycamore Ave. after investigating a report of a domestic argument at the location. Police believe both parties assaulted each other.

12/04/2011 Assault Ofc. McCaughan

Police responded to the 200 blcok of W. Washington Ave. for a reported domestic argument. The victim stated she had been assaulted by her husband at the residence and displayed red marks to her body associated with the assault. The white male resident also had an active Protection from Abuse Order against him. He was arrested for the assault and for violation of the PFA.

12/05/2011 DUI Ofc. Gallo

As a result of a traffic violation, Ofc. Gallo did stop a white male from Clifton Heights operating a motor vehicle on Baltimore Ave. While conducting the stop, Ofc. Gallo detected an odor of alcohol on the driver and he displayed signs of intoxication. As a result, the male was arrested for DUI and related charges.

12/05/2011 Burglary Ofc. Morgan/Ofc. Clancy

While investigation a reported burglary in progress officers spoke with a resident of the unit block of Marple Ave. She stated that she observed an unknown person walk to the back of a neighbors residence, heard glass break and did not see anyone leave. Officers found the rear window of the residence broken. Upon their entry into the residence and subsequent search they located a white female hiding in a bedroom closet. Upon searching her they found prescription pills in the name of the residence hidden in her shoe. The resident of Drexel Hill was arrested and taken into custody.
Upon interviewing the homeowner, he stated that he knew the actor but did not give her permission to enter his property or take his possessions. She was charges with burglary and related charges.

12/07/2011 Theft from Vehicle Ofc. Cook

Police investigated a reported vehicle break-in, in the unit block of W. Madison Ave. The victim stated that sometime overnight someone gained entry to her vehicle. She believed that she heard noises around her vehicle around 04:00 but thought nothing of it. Several CD’s were reported missing.

Police investigated a related theft from vehicle on W. Berkley Ave. The victim stated that her vehicle was entered around 04:00 and she believed she scared the actors off. Police were not notified at this time. The CD’s in the previous theft were recovered in this victim’s vehicle and this victim’s GPS unit was taken.

12/08/2011 Warrant Sgt. Martin/Ofc. Cook

Police were dispatched to the 200 block of S. Springfield Rd. for a suspicious occupied vehicle on the road. Upon identifying the occupants a white male from Glenolden was found to have warrants for his arrest out of Philadelphia on file. He was arrested and turned over the Philadelphia PD.

12/08/2011 Theft from vehicle Sgt. Martin

A resident of the unit block of S. Penn St. reported unknown persons entered her unlocked vehicle parked on the street. Taken were electronic and accessories.

12/08/2011 Attempted theft Sgt. Martin

A resident of the 100 block of S. Penn St. reported someone attempted to enter har parked vehicle overnight. Nothing was stolen.

12/09/2011 Assault Ofc. Caputo

A female resident of Clifton heights reported a domestic assault where she stated she was assaulted by her boyfriend the evening prior. The victim did display evident of the assault. After investigating the complaint, police arrested a white male resident of Clifton heights for the assault.

12/12/2011 DUI Ofc. Gallo

After observing a traffic violation in the 200 block of West Baltimore Ave. Ofc. Gallo arrested a white female from Upper Darby for DUI. An open bottle of alcohol and a cup filled with the alcohol were recovered in the front console of the vehicle.