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Police Activity week of 09/26/2011 through 10/02/2011

09/26/2011 – Sgt. Brown, Ofc. Caputo – Theft from buildings

The manager of the A-Storage Depot reported that sometime overnight actor’s entered eleven storage lockers by cutting the locks. At this time investigators are tracking down owners of the units to learn what items may have been taken. Entry to the property was made through a secluded area of the fenced in perimeter.

09/26/2011 – Ofc. Caputo – Theft

A resident of the unit block of W. Broadway Ave. reported his daughter’s pink and white bicycle was stolen sometime in the afternoon from their residence.

09/26/2011 – Ofc. Caputo – Burglary

A resident of the unit block of W. Madison Ave. reported a burglary at his residence between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. Actors reportedly entered the residence through a basement window. The resident reported a 47″ Vizio TV removed from the residence.

09/29/2011 – Sgt. Rich – Theft

A resident of the unit block of N. Sycamore Ave. reported two bicycles stoled from the front of their residence. The first was a 16″ green and white bike and the second was a 14″ blue and white bike,

09/29/2011 – Theft

A resident of N. Penn St. reported a theft of her handbag from her residence. She stated that it was next to a window when a white male wearing a dark hoodie and jeans reach in and took it. He was last seen running towards Harrison Ave. The Handbag was recovered on Harrison Ave., missing $10.00.