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Police Activity week of 06-27-2011 through 07-10-2011

06/27/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Protection From Abuse Violation Arrest
On June 27, 2011, Clifton Heights Police were summoned to the 300 block of E. Berkley Avenue for a reported violation of an active Protection From Abuse Order. As a result of a search of the area, a male matching the description provided was located several blocks away from the female complainant.

Investigation determined an active Protection from Abuse Order was valid and the suspect identified as the named defendant in the order. As a result a 21 year old male resident of Collingdale Borough was arrested on Criminal Charges in violation of the Protection Order.

06/27/2011 – Officer Robert McCughan

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
After being dispatched to the 500 block of E. Baltimore Avenue for a reported customer dispute, investigating officers learned a customer shoved merchandise off the counter after being advised her payment card was no longer valid.
As a result, a summary citation for Disorderly Conduct was issued to a 25 year old female resident from the 300 block of N. Sycamore Avenue in Clifton Heights.

06/28/2011 – Officer James Press

Criminal Assault Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 200 block of W. Washington Avenue for a reported adult assault on a child. Arriving officers learned through witnesses that a resident grandmother was observed slamming her grandson against a wall, striking him about his body and spraying him with a water hose as a result of behavior consisting of eating too much bacon. Based on observations, witness accounts and statements, Officer James Press filed Criminal Assault Charges against a 63 year old female resident of Clifton Heights.

06/22/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
Officers responding to a disorderly person call on the 100 block of E. Baltimore Avenue observed a retail store patron completely naked ordering merchandise. Arriving officers learned this was the second incident in the past week involving the same female. A citation has been issued on Disorderly Conduct charges and the 50 year old female resident of Clifton Heights transported to a mental health facility for evaluation.

06/29/2011 – Sergeant Tim Rockenbach

Burglary Arrest
On 6/29/2011 Officers investigated a burglary that occurred on N. Glenwood Ave. During this investigation a suspect was developed who resides on E. Baltimore Avenue in Clifton Hts. As a result of questioning and interview with this suspect, he admitted to the reported burglary. A search warrant was obtained for the offenders home and as a result, evidence obtained linking him to the burglary and a second offence of theft from another victim on Fairview Aveunue.
Two separate Criminal Complaints were filed against an 18 year old male resident who resides on E. Baltimore Avenue in Clifton Heights.

07/02/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Curfew Arrest/Disorderly Conduct Arrest
On patrol Officer Antinucci observed a suspected underage female on E. Baltimore Avenue at almost 2AM. As a result the 16 year old female was placed in custody and transported to her home on Chester Avenue by officers. On arrival and notification to the child’s mother, the mother became loud, combative and created a disturnbance towards the officers. As a result, a curfew citation was issued aginst the 16 year old chile and a Disorderly Conduct Citation issued against her 42 year old mother.

07/02/2011 – Officer Scott Hahn

Crminal Mischief Charges
Officers were dispatched to a retail establishment on the unit block of E. Baltimore Ave for a reported disorderly subject who caused damge. On arrival officers observed extensive damage to the bathroom and a defendant identified by witnesses. As a result, Criminal Mischief Charges have been filed against a 28 year old male resident of Hawthorne Avenue in Primos.

07/03/2011 – Officer James Press

DUI Arrest
On patrol, Officer James Press observed a vehicel operating without it’s headlights on then observed this vehicle travel through a red traffic signal. As a result of a subsequent car stop, investigation suspected the operator under the influence of alcohol. Investigatiion resulted in the arrest of a 45 year old male resident of darby Borough on DUI and traffic related charges.

07/03/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Retail Theft Arrest
Clifton Heights police were dispatched to the K-Mart for a reported juvenile female in custody for retail theft. Loss Prevention Officers at K-Mart observed a juvenile female enter and then leave a dressing room stall and then attempt to leave the store without paying for clothing items. The offender gave her 6 year old sister a handbag to carry with the stolen items inside. The 16 year old female resident of lansdowne Borough was cited and released to her father.

07/04/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

DUI Arrest
After the fireworks, officers received a report of a suspect in a victims vehicle. Witnesses reported the offender as possible intoxicated and arguementative. On his attempts at fleeing before police arrived, the offender reportedly almost struck witnesses. Arriving officers located the offender and as a result of their investigation arrested a 57 year old male resident of W. Madison Avenuein Clifton Heights on DUI and related charges.

07/05/2011 – Chief Walter Senkow

Animal Complaints
Over the past two weeks Clifton Heights Police have received four seperate incidents of sick or hurt raccoons. Animal Control has responded and removed these animals. Residents are asked to contact police of any additiona sightings and warn children to stay away from animals they see.

07/07/2011 – Officer James Press

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
On 7/7/11 police were twice dispatched to the 200 block of N. Diamond Street for an intoxicated and disorderly female. On the second incident, a 26 year old female offender from N. Glenwood Avenue was taken into custody and charges via a Criminal Complaint on Harassment Charges.

07/07/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Underage Drinking and Public Drunk
Officers were dispatched to the Clifton Ball Field for a reported intoxicated female. Officers located a disoriented female highly intoxicated, crying and who had urinated herself. Thie female was transported to the hospital for minor injuries. Investigation later leanred this 18 year old female had jumped from a moving vehicle while arguing with friends. Citations for Underage Drinking and Public Drunkenness have been issued.

07/07/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Assault Arrest
On 7/7/11 Clifton Heights police were dispatched to 22 S. Springfield Rd for a reported physical domestic argument. Investigating officers leanred a defendant had assualted his wife, bother in-law and mother in-law during a dispute. He also choked a puppy. Officers arrested a 44 year old male resident of 22 S. Springfield Rd on Criminal Assault and related Charges.

07/10/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Juvenile Warrant Arrest
Investigating juveniles in violation of a loitering violation on private property, a 17 year old on locationn was determined to have a County Bench Warrant against him. On notification, this 17 year old fled on foot and after a short foot pursuit was arrested. The juvenile was transported to Delco Juvebile Detention.

07/07/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Trespassing Arrest
Police have been requested, via business owners, to begin enforcement of trespassing against repeat offenders trespassing on businesses located on the unit and 100 blocks of W. Baltimore Ave. As a result, a second time 15 year old juvenile offender was cited and released on a summary Trespass Citation.