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Police Activity week of 06-20-2011 through 06-26-2011

06/024/2011 – Officer Marie Morgan

DUI – Narcotic Arrest
On June 24, 2011 at about 4PM, Officer Marie Morgan observed a passing motorist observed a vehicle in the vicinity of WynCliffe and Sycamore Avenue smoking what appeared to be a marijuanna cigarette. Following this vehicle, Officer Morgan also discovered the vehicle with an expired registration.

A subsequent vehicle stop and investigation discovered a paryially injested marijuana cigarrette and the operator under what appeared to be the effects of narcotic injestion. The operator submitted to a blood test for alcohol or narcotics. The partially injested cigarrette tested positive for marijuanna.

Arrested was a 21 year old female resident of the 500 block of N. Syamore Avenue in Upper Darby.

06/23/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Underage Drinking Arrest
Observing two suspected underage persons in violation of the curfew ordinance, Officer Robert McCaughan conducted a pedeestrian stop and detected a strong odor of alcohol on one of the persons. A breath test using a portable device registered a .177% blood alcohol contect. Arrested for Uderaged drinking was a 16 year old male resident of Drexel Hill.

06/23/2011 – Sergeant Francis Rich

Curfew Violation
As a result of three reported juveniles throwing eggs on W. Washington Avenue, Saergeant Francis Rich stopped three matching the descriptions and as a result arrested one juvenile for Curfew Violation as it was his second offense. Arrested was a 15 year old male resident of Clifton Heights. The remaining two were issued standard first time offender warnings.

06/22/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Underage Citations
Investigating four juveniles out past the curfew, Sgt. Brown conducted a pedestrian stop during which one of the participants dropped a plastic bag containing beer and fled on foot. A search of the area located a 17 year old male resident of Springfield hiding in the bushes. He was cited and released with a citation to the custody of his mother.

06/24/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
Dispatched for a reported domestic incident on E. Washington Avenue, Clifton Heights Police located one participant who was accused of theft and was under the effects of alcohol consumption. As a result of his conduct, a 28 year old male resident of E. Washington Avenue was arrested on Disorderly Conduct and housed overnight till sober.