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Police Activity week of 05-09-2011 through 05-15-2011

05/11/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Retail Theft Arrest
Clifton Height’s police responded to the Clifton Heights K-Mart for a reported Retail Theft. On arrival police arrested a 41 year-old female resident of Lansdowne Borough on summary Retail Theft Charges. She was released after issuance of a summary citation.

05/11/2011 – Officer Mike Cook

Public Drunk Arrest
On 5/11/2011, CHPD officers were dispatched to the ball field for a reported disorderly group and potential fight starting. On arrival officers witnessed two females arguing. As a result of observations, a 38 year-old female resident of Clifton Heights was arrested on Public Drunk summary charges.

05/14/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Burglary, Theft and Drug Arrest
After receiving a report of a possible Burglary with forced entry in progress at 500 E. Broadway Ave, arriving officers observed a hasp forced away from the frame and a door propped open. On entering the building, Sergeant Brown encountered a male inside.

In addition to Burglary and related charges, a pat down search of the defendant resulted in a plastic bag filled with a substance that tested positive for Marijuana. Arrested for Burglary and Drug charges was a 46-year-old male resident of S. Church Street of Clifton Heights.

05/14/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Warrant Arrest
Investigating a report of a suspicious group at Springfield Rd and Fairview Ave., arriving officers observed 3 male and 2 females. A check through the National Crime Information Network, one of the males was determined as wanted out of Delaware County of a Bench Warrant.

Arrested was a 19 year-old male resident of Collingdale Borough, who was transported to Delaware County Prison.

05/15/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

DUI arrest
On May 15, 2011 at 7:30pm, police were dispatched to the Arby’s Restaurant for a reported reckless operator in a blue Ford Pickup. Investigation identified the operator as a 38 year-old male resident of Lansdowne borough who appeared under the influence of alcohol, had an open bottle of vodka next to the drivers seat and was transporting a female, a second male and two children in the vehicle.

Investigation resulted in the arrest of the operator on DUI and Child Endangerment charges. A second 50 year-old male resident of Lansdowne was arrested on summary Public Drunk charges.