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Police Activity week of 04-03-2011 through 04-10-2011

04/04/2011 – Officer Antonucci

While on patrol in the area of the 7-11 on E. Baltimore Ave, Officer Antonucci did stop two males for littering. As a result of the stop and identification of one of the males Officer Antonucci learned that he was wanted for an outstanding criminal warrant. The West Chester resident was taken into custody and transported to Delaware County Prison.

04/04/2011 – Sgt Rockenbach

Sgt Rockenbach did speak with a resident of the 200 block of E. Baltimore Ave who reported his tools stolen from the residence. He stated that one of the tools were seen for sale at a shop in Folsom. Sgt Rockenbach confirmed that the tool was his and located sale slips from the business for other tools that the resident had not reported stolen yet. As a result of the investigation the first floor tenant of the residence where the victim lived was taken into custody for the thefts and making a false report to police after he tried to report similar thefts to cover his own action.

04/05/2011 – Officer Press / Sgt Martin

While on patrol Officer Press came upon a female resident of Philadelphia causing a disturbance. The female was on the phone screaming loudly and using profanity-causing alarm to others in the area. Officer Press attempted to calm the woman who then directed her anger at the officer. She was subsequently cited for disorderly conduct.

04/06/2011 – Sgt Rockenbach

A resident of Arch St. reported a daytime burglary at her residence and reported a diamond ring stolen. As a result of information received from the victim, police were lead to a jewelry store in Upper Darby where the ring was located and returned to the victim. An arrest warrant was issued for a family member for burglary and related offenses.

04/10/2011 – Sgt. Martin / Officer Antonucci / Officer Hahn

Two Upper Darby residents were arrested after a resident of the 100 blk of E. Washington Ave. reported that they assaulted her. On the victim’s and witness’ statements as well as the need for the victim to seek medical treatment for injuries sustained, both defendants were charged with assault and related charges.

04/11/2011 – Sgt Martin / Officer Press

Three Upper Darby residents were arrested after a fight in a bar in the 500 blk of E. Baltimore Ave. The altercation erupted during a birthday celebration, which lead to a domestic dispute and patrons engaging in a fight. One of those arrests was also charged with criminal mischief after damaging a patron’s vehicle in the parking lot. All three were also charged with disorderly conduct.