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Police Activity week of 3-14-2011 through 03-20-2011

3/15/2011 – Officer Christian Caputo/Officer Matt Antonucci

Fire Rescue
Police were dispatched to the 300 block of E. Berkley Ave for a reported smell of smoke. After attempts with no response to the door, police officers forced the back door, entered and found the 78 year old female resident unresponsive as a result of a diabetic emergency. The resident was transported by ambulance to the hospital for treatment and the fire company secured the fire scene.

3/16/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Theft from Vehicle
Clifton Heights Police are investigating the theft of a GPS unit from a vehicle parked in the victim’s driveway on the 100 block of N. Diamond Street. The homeowner reports her vehicle was left unlocked. Clifton Heights Police encourage all residents to lock all vehicles and either remove all valuables or lock them in the trunk to avoid these crimes of opportunity.

3/18/2011 – Sergeant Stephen Brown

Theft Arrest
On 3/12/11 Clifton Heights were summoned to a business at Baltimore and Oak Aves for a report that a business owner recognized a woman who was suspected of stealing a purse at the store on February 15, 2011. As the business owner questioned the suspect, the suspect ran from the store. A search of the area by Sgt. Brown located a woman matching the provided description several blocks away hiding in a rear yard.
Arrested for theft and related charges was a 24 year resident of Philadelphia who formerly resided on the unit block of Walnut Street in Clifton Heights.

03/20/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Disorderly Conduct Arrests
As a result of several complaints of a loud and obscene language domestic argument on the 500 block of Chester Avenue, arriving officers are issuing citations to a 53 year old male and 41 year old female resident for Disorderly Conduct. Reports of numerous similar incidents are documented in the recent past.