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Police Activity week of 02-14-2011 through 02-28-2011

02/14/2011 – Sgt. Rockenbach, Sgt. Brown and Officer Cook

Warrant Arrest
Clifton Heights received a request to assist Abington Police Department in the service of an active warrant and check for a vehicle used during the commission of a crime in Abington Township. After receipt of the warrant, a check located the vehicle and the warrant was served on a 56 year old female resident of Clifton Heights. The defendant was housed and turned over to Abington Police.

02/15/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

A resident of W. WynCliffe Ave reported finding his rear basement door handle damaged with suspicious marking around the handle. No entry was made into the residence and no markings were visible around the dead bolt. The resident heard nothing suspicious. There is no additional information. Police are asking residents to keep doors locked, property secure and report any suspicious persons or activity.

02/17/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Domestic Assault Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 100 block of N. Church Street for a reported domestic dispute. Officers observed a female victim visibly upset and bleeding from a swollen lip. Statements were secured and a search of the premises resulted in the arrest of the victimcs boyfriend. Arrested on Domestic Assault and related charges was a 26 year old male resident of N. Church Street.

02/18/2011 – Sergeant Tim Rockenbach

Criminal Attempt Homicide
With this case still under investigation, The District Attorney’s Office and Clifton Heights Police are not releasing additional details of this case. Clifton Heights Police are happy to report that Officer Kevin Schieler has made substantial progress from his extremely critical condition when transported the University of Pennsylvania hospital on February 18, 2011. On behalf of Kevin, his family and Clifton Heights Police, we extend our appreciation to all those who expressed their thoughts to Kevin and his family during this event. A page on our website will be dedicated to this fine young officer who placed his life on the line in the protection of Clifton Heights Borough.

02/19/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Underage Drinking Arrest
While on patrol, Officer Matt Antonucci observed a male that matched the description of a person reported earlier in the shift reportedly asking persons where to buy drugs. An investigatory stop was conducted for investigation purposes when a bottle of “Hpnotic” liquor was found on his person. Arrested on a summary Alcohol Possession charge was an 18 year old male resident of E. Lansdowne.

02/19/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Burglary Investigation and Arrest
As a result of the over Underage Drinking Arrest, a watch was confiscated from the defendant. This watched matched the description of a watch taken during the course of Burglary that was reported on the 400 Block of E. Baltimore Ave in Clifton Heights. A follow-up investigation by Officer Antonucci and Sgt. Tim Rockenbach resulted in a positive identification by our Burglary victim. Further investigation resulted in the recovery of 9 additional pieces of jewelry sold by the defendant to an out of town Jewelry Store and a second defendant and a third suspect. Charges of Burglary, Theft, Receiving Stolen Property and associated charges have been filed against an 18 year old male resident of East Lansdowne, and a 21 year old male defendant resident of Clifton Heights. This investigation is still continuing.

02/19/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Theft investigation / Underage Alcohol consumption arrest
After a report of a suspected theft from a tip jar, from a retail establishment located on the 100 block of E. Baltimore Ave, arriving officers stopped two juvenile suspects matching the description broadcast. A search was positive for the stolen money. Officers also detected a strong odor of alcohol on their persons. A field test for alcohol resulted in a positive reading of .12% and .07% from each juvenile. Both were cited with summary violations and the stolen money returned to the business. Arrested was a 16 year old male resident of Westbrook Park – Upper Darby and a 16 year old female resident of Clifton Heights.

02/26/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Retail Theft/Criminal Mischief/Resisting Arrest/Receiving Stolen Property
At about 5:30 AM, Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 500 block of E. Baltimore Ave. for a reported theft and criminal mischief by a possible intoxicated patron who was questioned by an employee for stealing and concealing merchandise. When confronted the patron knocked over display cases and fled the store. A search by assisting officers resulted in a suspect matching the description and a subsequent foot pursuit by a Lansdowne Police Officer who apprehended the defendant. The defendant tested positive for alcohol and had a bag of a green leafy substance that field tested positive for Marijuana.

The defendant is a 20 year old male resident of Philadelphia. He was charged on a Criminal Complaint with charges of Retail Theft, RSP, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Underage Drinking, and Public Drunkenness