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Police Activity week of 1-24-2011 through 01-30-2011

1/25/2011 – Sergeant Tim Rockenbach

Fraud investigation and arrest
On January 25, 2011 Clifton Heights Police received information from the proprietor of a business on W. Baltimore Ave that an employee had stolen a customer’s credit card and used it to make fraudulent purchases.

An investigation conducted by Sergeant Tim Rockenbach determined a minimum of four fraudulent purchase at several local business with the defendant identified as using the stolen card.

Arrested on theft and fraud charges was a 30 year old male defendant and resident of Clifton Heights borough.

1/27/2011 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
As the result of a snow shoveling incident after which an altercation took place between neighbors on the 400 block of E. Baltimore Avenue, police responded and will be issuing a Disorderly Conduct citation against a 20 year old male resident of E. Baltimore Avenue.

1/28/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Narcotics – Possession Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were notified of two persons who may be in possession of alcohol beverages and supplying it to under age juvenile in the vicinity. As a result of a surveillance set up by Officer Robert McCaughan, he observed what appeared to be juveniles in possession of beer.

A pedestrian stop by Officer Matt Antonucci resulted in four persons being released. A fifth was found in possession of marijuana, placed in custody and arrested on possession and related charges. Arrested was a 19 year old male resident of Drexel Hill.

01/30/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Warrant Arrest
On January 30, 2011 Clifton Height’s police investigated a report of domestic incident on the unit block of S. Penn Street. The male half of this domestic incident was reported to be intoxicated but had left prior to police arrival. The female half of the domestic incident reported her fear for her safety if he returned.

Investigation of the reported male half, learned that an active warrant for theft and another for DUI existed for this person. At 2:20am, police checking this residence observed the defendant at the property and arrested him on the active warrants. Arrested was a 48 year old male resident of S. Penn Street in Clifton Heights.

01/29/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Investigating an accident on the 100 block of W. Washington Ave
Officer Robert McCaughan suspected the driver as operating under the influence of alcohol. Based on the defendants physical condition, an open bottle of brandy on the seat, and other factors, the defendant was arrested and charged with DUI and driving Under Suspension charges. Arrested was a 48 year old male resident of Philadelphia.