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Police Activity week of 1-10-2011 through 01-16-2011

1/10/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Domestic Assault Arrest
On January 10, 2011 at about 1255Hours, Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the unit block of W. Madison Avenue for a reported assault in progress. On arrival, a witness reported hearing a commotion in progress and on investigating, observes a male, known to her, on top of and appearing to be strangling the victim. The victim reported her boyfriend’s father forcibly broke into her apartment where she fled to her bedroom. The defendant forcibly entered the bedroom, began punching the victim in her face, knocked her to the ground and feared she was going to die when he started to choke her.

The Defendant, a 58 year old male resident of Hudson, Massachusetts was arrested on Assault and related charges.

1/10/2011 – Officer James Press

Burglary Arrest – Forced Entry
After receiving a call of breaking glass and a possible Burglary in Progress, Clifton Height’s police responded to the 400 block of N. Springfield Rd., where officers observed a broken front window and a male inside the business. A witness reported seeing the defendant acting in a suspicious manner and watched him break and then crawl through the broken window. On searching the defendant, he had numerous packs of cigarettes on his person and the cash register on the floor.

The defendant is a 19 year old resident of Clifton Heights.

1/11/2011 – Officer James Press

Disorderly Conduct/Public Drunkenness Arrests
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 100 block of N. Glenwood Ave for a reported male vs. female domestic. On arrival, police located the involved male hiding in a first floor bathroom. The defendant could not stand on his own and under the extreme effects of alcohol consumption.

This 44 year old male resident of Secane was charges with counts of Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness. He has housed till sober enough to release the following morning.

01/11/2011 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Act 64 – Marijuana Possession Arrest
While on patrol, Officer Robert McCaughan stopped a vehicle for several motor vehicle violations. During the course of his investigatory detention, Officer McCaughan detected what appeared to be a strong odor of Marijuana emanating from the vehicle and person of the operator. During questioning the defendant admitted to smoking a fresh joint still in the ash tray.

The operator is a 39 year old male resident of Glenolden. He was charged with Criminal Possession of a small amount of Marijuana and arraigned at Upper Darby District Court.

01/12/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Public Drunkenness/Disorderly Conduct Arrest
After responding a report of a disorderly person playing his car stereo extremely loud at 2:07AM, arriving officers found an intoxicated resident of Clifton Heights playing the car stereo at an extreme audible level. Questioning the car owner, he indicated he could play his radio at any volume he wanted as he is a taxpayer. This 25 year old taxpayer was returned to police headquarters and issued summary citations for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness.

A second citation has been issued against this same individual for an earlier incident of the same nature earlier that evening.

01/15/2011 – Officer Matt Antonucci

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
Police were dispatched to the 100 block of W. Madison Ave for screaming and banging noises from a residence. After speaking to two occupants who refused to open their door, officers are issuing a citation through the mail on summary Disorderly Conduct charges. The occupants of this same residence have been issued numerous citations in the past for similar conduct. Arrested is 33 year old male resident of Clifton Heights.

01/12/2011 – Officer James Press

DUI, Resisting Arrest, Numerous Traffic Offences
While outside the Clifton Police Station, Officer James Press observed a vehicle drive up a snow bank, strike a traffic sign and flee the scene north on Springfield Road. After activating emergency lights and siren, this same vehicle refused to stop during which the operator violated numerous traffic violations. The vehicle was finally stopped at Oak Avenue where the driver aggressively exited his vehicle walking towards Officer Press. Repeated attempts ordering him to the ground were refused. The defendant threw his jacket to the ground and went at Officer Press with a closed fist and was subsequently Tazered several times before being compliant enough to be placed into custody.

Arrested for DUI, Resisting Arrest, Fleeing and eluding a police officer, and numerous traffic offences was a 36 year old male resident of Norristown, PA.