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Police Activity week of 9-06-2010 through 9-12-2010

8/30/2010 – Sgt. Tim Rockenbach

Burglary Investigation and Arrest
On Sunday, August 15, 2010 Clifton Heights Police received a report of a Burglary/Theft discovered at a business located on the 300 block of E. Madison Ave. No forced entry was evident. An employee having access with a key was a suspect in several other recent thefts at this business. Missing was cash, coin, 10 gold dollar coins, tools and boxing/sports equipment.

On 8/19/2010 investigator Sgt. Tim Rockenbach learned that this same suspect had been arrested by Upper Darby Police on an unrelated incident and that in plain view, of a car operated by our suspect, were tools matching the description of those reported stolen by our business. As a result of a search warrant on the vehicle, tools, medical equipment, first aid equipment and sports equipment were seized and subsequently identified as the property as reported stolen.

As a result of this investigation, a 22 year old resident of the unit block of Fairview Ave in Clifton Heights has been arrested on Burglary and related charges.

9/07/2010 –Sergeant Francis Rich

Curfew Arrest
On September 7, 2010 Sgt. Francis Rich observed two juveniles out after borough curfew of 10PM on a Sunday night on a business property located on the 100 block of E. Baltimore Ave. One juvenile was issued a warning and released to parents.

The second was a 15 year old resident of Clifton Heights who had received a prior curfew warning. As a result, a summary citation was issued to the defendant and released to his parents.

9/09/2010 – Officer Robert McCaughan

Narcotic-Possession of Heroin Arrest
Clifton Heights Police received a request to assist Adult Probation and Parole on a home inspection of a client residing on the unit block of Harrison Avenue. As a result of this inspection, Probation and Parole discovered plastic baggies containing brown residue that tested positive for heroin, a syringe used for ingesting illegal narcotics, a bundle of blue wax papers filled with brown powder that too tested positive for heroin and a prescription bottle with various pills not prescribed to the defendant.

The defendant, a 22 year old female resident of Clifton Heights was arrested on Narcotic Possession of heroin and related charges.

9/10/2010 –Sergeant John Martin

Assault – Threat of Firearm, Terroristic Threat Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 700 block of E. Baltimore Avenue for a reported threat by an employee against a manager. On arrival, Sgt. John Martin learned that a male employee and store manager engaged in a conversation during which the employee was witnessed by several employees making threats to kill the manager just like had happened the day before at the Kraft Foods building in Philadelphia.

As a result of his investigation, Sgt. Martin arrested a 70 year old male resident of Philadelphia on assault and threat related charges.

9/10/2010 – Officer James Press

Strongarm Robbery Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the intersection of Baltimore and Springfield Roads to meet a complainant who reported an attempted strong armed robbery from which he escaped. An investigation conducted by Officer James Press resulted in a suspect who is a 22 year old resident of Springfield Township. Attempted Robbery and related criminal offences have been filed.

9/11/2010 – Officer Thomas Gallo

Underage Drinking Arrests
Responding to report of a fight on the 500 block of W. Baltimore Avenue, Clifton Heights Police encountered two of the participants involved.

As a result of this contact, Officer Thomas Gallo found two defendants appearing under the influence of alcohol and appearing under 21 years of age. Both juveniles were administered Portable Breath Test Device tests during which both tested positive for alcohol. Arrested was two 17 year old residents of Springfield Township on summary charges.

9/11/2010 – Officer Thomas Gallo

Underage Drinking Arrests
As a result of a traffic stop for a vehicle operating without its headlights on, Officer Thomas Gallo suspected two of three occupants to be under the age of 21 years and appeared to have consumed alcohol. A Portable Breath Test of the three occupants tested two as positive for alcohol, consumption. Summary citations were filed against 1 20 year old resident of Clifton Heights and a 19 year old resident of Springfield Township.

9/12/2010 – Officer Thomas Gallo

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
During routine Patrol, Officer Thomas Gallo observed a male urinating in plain view of passing traffic and customers of an open business located on the 200 block of E. Baltimore Avenue. Arrested for Disorderly Conduct was a 29 year old male resident of Clifton Heights.