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Police Activity week of 12-20-2010 through 12-26-2010

12/21/2010 – Officer Marie Morgan

Risking a Catastrophe and Criminal Mischief Arrest
As a result of a 911 call for a report of smoke coming from two residences located on the unit block of N. Sycamore Ave, Clifton Heights police responded, entered the burning building and attempted to locate potential victims. After the fire was placed under control, an investigation, involving the CHFC Fire Chief, 7th District Fire Marshall, Upper Darby Fire Marshall and Delaware County D.A.’s Office CID Arson Investigation Units, was conducted. As a result of this investigation a suspect was developed and after questioning became a defendant.

Arrested and charges by Officer Marie Morgan was a 21 year old male defendant from Clifton Heights. The defendant was charged with Risking a Catastrophe and Criminal Mischief for the careless disposal of a cigarette which was determined were the fire originated.

12/23/2010 – Officer Kevin Schieler

Disorderly Conduct/Fight Arrest
On 11/24/2010 Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to K-Mart Store on Baltimore Pike for a reported physical fight involving several females in the aisles. As a result of a child falling, two witnessing K-mart patrons began to laugh. The parent of the child who fell took exception and got involved in a verbal dispute with the two. The verbal dispute then escalated into a physical fight during which k-mart property was damaged before they could be separated.

As a result of his investigation, Off Schieler has issued summary Disorderly Conduct Citations against all three. Charges were filed against a 27 year old female resident of East Lansdowne, a 17 year old female resident of Yeadon and a 17 year old female resident of Darby Borough.

12/26/2010 – Sergeant Stephen Brown

Stalking and Harassment Arrest
Clifton Heights Police investigated a reported harassment by communications case, reported on October 31, 2010. As a result of his investigation, Sergeant Stephen Brown learned that a suspect from Prospect Park had secured a 13 year old victims name and cell phone telephone number and began a series of phone calls, sexual in nature. These calls were intercepted by the victim’s father and once by Sergeant Brown. A search warrant secured for the suspect’s phone confirmed numerous calls to the victim’s as reported.

Charged with Harassment and Stalking by Criminal Complaint is a 53 year old male resident of Prospect Park, PA.