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Police Activity week of 11-22-2010 through 11-28-2010

11/23/2010 – Sergeant Steve Brown

Public Drunk Arrest
As a result of a 911 call on 11/23/10 at 2PM for a suspicious person at the rear of a residence on the 400 block of S. Church Street, Clifton Heights Police responded to find a 52 year old resident of Secane extremely intoxicated. This
Former resident of Clifton Heights thought he still resided at his former home and was seated out back for an extended period of time.

A summary citation for public drunkenness was issued and the defendant housed till sober, then released.

11/24/2010 – Officer James Press, Officer Matt Antonucci & Officer Steve Corsi

Resisting Arrest/Disorderly Conduct/Terroristic Threats
On 11/24/2010 Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the unit block of N. Sycamore Avenue for a reported domestic argument, out of control, with a male occupant destroying the house and property. On arrival an involved family member expressed concerns over the safety of her mother still inside with her brother. Officers observed damaged property inside and the front door barricaded by the male occupant. After repeated failed attempts at resolution, the front door was forcibly entered. Once inside a scuffle ensued and arresting officers had to forcibly subdue the defendant to effect the arrest. Arrested was a 21 year old male resident of Clifton Heights.

11/24/2010 – Officer John Martin

Disorderly Conduct Citations
Clifton Height’s police were dispatched to the 200 block of Cambridge Road for a reported juvenile problem. On arrival, the victim/resident reported catching several juveniles on her front yard in the process of attempting to steal property. On being confronted, these juveniles began to use obscenities and threatened the home-owner. Investigation resulted in the identification of the two juveniles. Citations against a 16 year old juvenile resident of Secane and his brother on summary Disorderly Conduct charges are being issued.

11/25/2010 – Sergeant John Martin

Assault Arrest
On Thursday, 11/25/2010 at 10:13 PM, Clifton Heights were dispatched to the 400 block of E. Baltimore Avenue for a reported physical domestic in progress. Arriving officers found four persons physically fighting with evidence of injuries to one victim’s face.

After investigation and statements were secured, Clifton Police arrested 21 year old female resident of Clifton Heights and a 22 year old male resident of Clifton Heights on assault and related charges.

11/25/2010 – Sergeant John Martin

Disorderly Conduct arrest
Dispatched to a local establishment for a disorderly person, Clifton Heights Police secured the description of a patron who threatened a bar tender for refusing to sell him beer after legal hours. A person matching the description provided was located and positively identified by employees. Arrested for disorderly conduct, summary charges, was a 40 year old male resident of Aldan Borough.

11/28/2010 – Officer Chris Kammerer

Public Drunk Arrest
At 2:15PM on 11/28/2010, Officer Chris Kammerer observed a male defendant inside a vehicle of an on-duty police officer on the police station parking lot. Investigation found an extremely intoxicated male defendant who stated he thought he was on the fire company parking lot and that car he was in was his mothers. A summary citation for Public Drunkenness was issued against a 24 year old male resident of Secane.