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Police Activity week of 10-26-2010 through 11-07-2010

10/26/2010 – Sergeant Stephen Brown

Retail Theft Arrest
On Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Clifton Height’s police were dispatched to the Clifton Heights K-Mart were Loss Prevention Officers had a suspect in custody for hiding merchandise under her clothing and attempt to leave the store without paying. Merchandise totaled $114.33
Investigation by Sgt. Brown determined this 36 year old female resident of Upper Darby had an active Bench Warrant for her arrest. Retail Theft and related charges have been filed.

10/27/2010 -Officer James Press

Public Drunk Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 100 block of E. Baltimore Ave on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 for a reported extremely intoxicated male. On arrival, Officers encountered a 43 year old male resident of Drexel Hill who was incapable of standing or walking. As a result the male was arrested on Public Drunk Summary charges and housed till sober.

11/01/2010 – Off. Chris Kammerer

Disorderly Conduct Charges
On Monday, November 01, 2010 Officer Chris Kammerer responded to several reports of loud noise on the 100 block of W. Madison Avenue. Officers could hear loud music playing from a residence. Numerous attempts to contact the homeowner resulted in failure of the homeowner to answer the door. A citation for Disorderly Conduct has been issued.

11/01/2010 – Sgt. Stephen Brown/Sgt. John Martin

Attempted Homicide Warrant Arrest / Florida
On Monday, November 01, 2010, Sgt. John Martin and Sgt. Stephen Brown learned that Orange County Florida police had in custody a W/M wanted out of Clifton Heights for an Attempted Homicide Shooting that occurred on December 19, 2005. Contact through the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that they would approve the Extradition process if the victim was still willing to prosecute. After confirmation was received, the 911 center confirmed the warrant to Florida police and the extradition process was initiated. This open case status has been cleared by arrest.

11/02/2010 – Off. Robert McCaughan

Narcotic – Heroine arrest
While on patrol on Tuesday, November 2, 1010, Officer Robert McCaughan observed a male subject on the unit block of Baltimore Avenue. This subject matched the description of a suspect wanted out of New Jersey on a warrant. The defendant was stopped and on questioning appeared under the effects of narcotics. At police headquarters, the defendant was searched prior to being placed into a holding cell when four baggies containing a blue wax paper with a brown substance that field tested positive for Heroine where found in his pockets. The defendant, a 30 year old homeless person, was charged with Possession of Heroin and related charges.

11/023/2010 – Off. Matt Antonucci

Disorderly Conduct Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to an apartment building on Jefferson Street in Clifton Heights for a disorderly person. On arrival, Officer Antonucci arrived and received a complaint about a resident involved in a domestic dispute using loud, offensive and racial slurs towards neighbors. His investigation did in fact result in hearing a 48 year old resident of this apartment building using obscene and racial comments at 1:40 in the morning. As a result, this male was arrested on Disorderly Conduct charges and advised that any future incidents of this nature could result in Misdemeanor Criminal charges.

11/05/2010 – Off. Maria McKnight

Public Drunk arrest
Clifton Heights Police received several complaints of an intoxicated female on the unit block of E. Baltimore Avenue walking in and out of traffic. Arriving officers observed a 49 year old female resident of Upper Darby under the extreme effects of alcohol. The female was arrested for summary Public Drunk charges and housed till sober.

11/07/2010 – Off. Robert McCaughan

Underage Drinking arrests
Dispatched to assist the ambulance at the Clifton Heights Ball field for a subject down, Officer Robert McCaughan observed two underage juvenile females aged 15 years, under the effects of alcohol consumption. Both were administered a portable breath test with both testing over .10%. Both were released to parents with summary citations for underage drinking. Investigation located a third juvenile who will also be cited accordingly. Two juveniles are residents of Clifton Heights and one juvenile an Upper Darby resident.

11/07/2010 – Off. Robert McCaughan

Simple Assault Arrest
While on patrol, Officer Robert McCaughan observed a male subject on the unit block of Glenwood Avenue holding a struggling occupant of a parked car by his shirt through an open car window. Investigation determined that an assault occurred against the victim occupant of a parked car after letting off a date, the defendant’s ex girlfriend, in front of her home. The victim was punched in the face by a 41 year old male resident of Philadelphia and was still in the process of struggling with the victim when interrupted by Clifton Heights Police. Misdemeanor charges of Simple Assault and related charges were filed.