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Past Reports

Police activity week of 03-22-10 through 03-28-10


Clifton Heights Police received a call from the Westbrook pharmacy requesting police for someone attempting to have a fraudulent prescription filled. Officer John Clancy was the first to arrive and was advised by Pharmacy staff that the male in the store was the defendant. Officer Clancy detained the defendant. Officer James Press was advised there was a female involved and she was believed to be in a vehicle in the parking lot next to Sally’s Beauty Salon. Upon exiting the store a two tone Ford Explorer was seen leaving the lot with a black male driver and a black female passenger. Flash information was broadcast to neighboring departments to stop and identify the vehicle, if seen. The vehicle was stopped in Lansdowne by Sergeant Kienzle and due to the vehicle not having insurance was towed by Lansdowne Police. An inventory search of the vehicle revealed numerous bottles of pills issued to several different names.

In conducting a pat down search of the defendant, it revealed a large quantity of money totaling $2975, a cell phone and numerous state ID’s not belonging to the defendant.

The defendant was housed overnight and processed on fraud and related charges including Act 64 (drugs) and RSP (Receiving Stolen Property). This investigation continues with other arrests expected.

03/24/2010 12:50 Page 1 Officer 4444 – SERGEANT TIMOTHY ROCKENBACH

K Mart Loss Prevention Officers observed the defendant in the store. While observing the defendant, he produced K-Mart shopping bags from his pockets and began to conceal merchandise in the bags. The defendant attempted to exit the store without paying for the items that totaled $618.49. The Loss Prevention Officer stopped the defendant in the vestibule of the store. The defendant tried to bull rush the Loss Prevention Officer in his attempt to escape and knocked him to the ground with the defendant, also falling to the ground. The merchandise was recovered by the Loss Prevention Officer with the defendant fleeing on foot. The defendant fled on foot and was apprehended on Eldon Ave in Lansdowne. K-Mart’s Loss Prevention Officer was taken to the location and the defendant positively identified.

After running the defendant’s criminal history, it was learned that he had 46 retail theft arrests and 25 conviction or guilty pleas.

03/24/2010 16:35 Page 1 Officer 4422 – PATROLMAN CHRISTIAN CAPUTO

Police received a report of a large fight on Chester Ave. Upon arrival, police met with all the involved parties. After receiving several conflicting reports it was determined there were no injuries and all parties were advised to stay away from each other and return to their homes.

Disorderly Conduct citations are being issued to the three involved parties.

03/27/2010 15:01 Page 1 OFFICER 4433-PATROLMAN KEVIN SCHIELER

Officer Kevin Schieler and Officer James Press were on duty in Clifton Heights, on March 27th 2010 at approximately 03:01pm when dispatched to the K-mart for a shoplifter in custody.

Officers responded and met with the Loss Prevention Associate who stated that the defendant entered the store pushing a cart with a child seat. The defendant entered the electronic aisle, selected four (4) video games and one (1) DVD and hid them in the child seat. He then walked to another aisle where he opened all of the products and placed them in his pockets. The defendant walked to another aisle where he was seen selecting a Phillies hat, where he ripped the tags off and placed the hat on his head. The defendant then walked to the other side of the store where he selected Acid Reducer pills and also placed them in his pocket.

The defendant then walked past the check-out counter and attempted to leave the store when he was apprehended by Loss Prevention associates.

Based on the above information, the defendant was arrested on RETAIL THEFT and related charges.

03/27/2010 23:35 Page 1 Officer 4424-PATROLMAN ROBERT MCCAUGHAN

On March 27, 2010 at approximately 2335 hours Officer Robert McCaughan of the Clifton Heights Police Dept, was on duty in full uniform and in a marked patrol vehicle. Officer McCaughan observed a green Jeep Cherokee travelling east in the 400 block of Baltimore Ave without the use of headlights. Upon activating the police car lights and siren the vehicle was observed weaving within its lane of travel. The vehicle was stopped in front of 446 E Baltimore Ave.

Upon approach of the driver Officer McCaughan immediately detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was asked to produce a driver’s license, registration and insurance card. The defendant had red glassy eyes, slow speech, and displayed slow motor skills. The defendant had difficulty producing the requested paperwork and appeared disoriented. The defendant was asked to step from the vehicle to the pavement.

Upon exiting the vehicle, the defendant was unsteady on his feet. The defendant had a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from his person. The defendant was asked to perform a series of field sobriety tests starting with the walk and turn. The defendant was unable to walk in a straight line and failed to properly count all the steps as demonstrated. The second test given was the one leg stance. The defendant was unable to hold his leg off the ground for more than two seconds without losing balance and falling.

The defendant was placed into custody and advised of Pennsylvania’s implied consent rule. The defendant was transported to Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital where he agreed to submit to a chemical test of his blood. Two vials of the defendant’s blood were drawn and sent to Drug-Scan for analysis. The defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance to the extent he could not safely operate a motor vehicle upon the roadways of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

03/28/2010 23:30 Page 1 Officer 4424 – PATROLMAN ROBERT MCCAUGHAN

While conducting a DUI arrest on traffic stop, a juvenile, who was a rear seat passenger, was asked to step from the vehicle. This juvenile had a strong odor of marijuana on his person. Located on the vehicle floorboard was a small bag of marijuana. The juvenile was released to a guardian and will be charged accordingly by juvenile petition.