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Police Activity week of 12-26-2010 through 01-02-2010

12/21/2010 – Officer Christian Caputo

Domestic Assault Arrest
On 12/27/2010 Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the 300 block of E. Madison Avenue for a reported Domestic Dispute in progress.

On arrival a 24 year old female victim from Clifton Heights reported her boyfriend had assaulted her. Police observation confirmed redness on the female victim’s neck along with a bleeding neck. Based on these facts, a 28 year old male resident of Clifton Heights was removed and arrested for Criminal Simple Assault charges.

12/23/2010 – Officer James Press

Violation of Protection from Abuse Order
During routine patrol, Officer James Press observed a vehicle operated by a male known to have an active Protection from Abuse Order on him as this defendant drove pass the business residence of the person who filed the Protection Order. Investigation learned that this 40 year old male defendant had violated this order on several occasions on 12/28/2010 and had been arrested on two prior other occasions for this same violation.

As a result a Criminal Complaint has been issued.

12/28/2010 – Sergeant John Martin

Public Drunkenness Arrest
As a result of being dispatched to the 100 block of W. Broadway Avenue for a reported unconscious subject lying outside, police arrival discovered two males both under the influence of controlled substances. Based on statements and police observations, two males were arrested by summary citations for public drunkenness. Arrested were a 26 year old male and 33 year old male, both residents of Clifton Heights.

01/01/2011 – Sergeant John Martin

Domestic Assault Arrest
Clifton Heights Police were dispatched to the unit block of N. Sycamore Avenue, on 1/1/2011 at 8:40AM, for a reported domestic Assault in progress. On arrival police learned that a 40 year old male resident at that address had physically assaulted a 50 year old female resident of the same address. This was confirmed by other witnesses.

At about 5PM later that day, police were dispatched back to the same residence for a report that the defendant had returned. On arrival, police arrested the defendant who was charged with Simple Assault.

01/02/2011 – Officer Marie Morgan

Disorderly Conduct & Criminal Mischief Arrests
On 1/2/11, Clifton Heights police investigated a reported incident involving threats which escalated in an apartment door being damaged by neighbors, over a prior incident. As a result of her investigation, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief charges have been issued against a 31 year old female 31 year old male resident of the 400 block of S. Springfield Rd., in Clifton Heights.