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Police Activity weeks of 01/01/2018 – 01/31/2017

01/02/2018 – Harassment – Ofc. Cummings

Police cited a black male resident of VA for harassment after a domestic argument over belongings. The victim indicated the male shoved her in the course of a verbal argument resulting in the charge.

01/06/2018 – Narcotics – Ofc. Cummings

Police charged a black female resident of Lansdowne after she was found in possession of suspected marijuana. The female was stopped for a motor vehicle violation when officers located the narcotic.

01/09/2018 – DUI / Accident – Sgt. Morgan

A white male resident of DE was charges with DUI and related offenses after police investigated an accident he caused. During the investigation it was noted the operator / defendant displayed symptoms of intoxication. He was charged accordingly.

01/10/2018 – MV Theft – Ofc. Berry

Police arrested a white male resident of Clifton Heights for MV theft and related after he was observed on video entering a running, unlocked MV and drive away with it. The owner had ran into the post office and left the vehicle running. The defendant could not drive stick and abandoned the vehicle a block away.

01/11/2018 – Public Drunkenness Ofc. Gallo

Police arrested a white female from Sharon Hill for PD after finding her under the influence of heroin on the corner of Springfield Rd. and Broadway Ave. She was considered a medical risk due to her condition and transported to the hospital. The charge was filed by summons.

01/12/2018 – Theft – Ofc. Ford

A white female resident of Clifton Heights was arrested for theft and related charges after it was learned that she was making false return slips as an employee of a company and keeping the associated money totaling over $1000.00. The defendant admitted and described the scheme to company security during an interview.

01/13/2018 – DUI – Sgt. McCaughan

Police arrested a black female resident of Darby for DUI and related charges after she was observed committing several motor vehicle violations. Upon investigating these violations the female was found to display symptoms of intoxication. She was taken into custody and charged accordingly.

01/24/2018 – Public Drunkenness – Ofc. Ford

Police arrested a black female resident of DE for public drunkenness after she was acting suspiciously and causing a disturbance at the 7-11. After repeated warnings to cease, she continued disruptive behavior and was arrested.