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Clifton Heights Police Department Drug Hotline

(610) 626-5973

Dear Clifton Heights Resident:

Clifton Heights Council and the Police Department are pleased to announce the implementation of a Drug Hotline. At the August council meeting, Council Vice-President Ed Martin asked council to approve a phone line for the exclusive use of residents to call the police department with information specific to suspected drug activity. The Hotline is a great follow-up program to compliment our most recent and very successful drug investigation that resulted in 39 Criminal Arrests for drug sales with 23 separate defendants during operation Tailgate. This request was unanimously endorsed by Mayor Kelly, approved by Clifton Heights Council, and is now in use.

You may leave information on the hotline answering machine and feel secure that your information will not be divulged. No physical phone will ever be answered and no Caller I.D. will be attached to this Hotline number. You are free to leave confidential information or you may leave your name and number for our investigator to contact you. Please understand that the police department needs as much information as possible to initiate an investigation and the standard for establishing an arrest is very high. The mere suspicion of drug activity is not enough.

The police department looks forward to continued cooperation from the community in our common goal of fighting the sale and use of illegal drugs in our borough. Working as a team, with the community, is essential at keeping Clifton Heights a safe and pleasant place to live and work.

Please consider the following suggestions for reporting suspected drug activity

  • Unusually frequent and short timed pedestrian and vehicular traffic to and from residence and resident making frequent trips to vehicles stopped in the street: Recommendation – Document and report the description of the persons and vehicles, license plate numbers, times of day, name and address of the homeowner or renter and any other pertinent information that can assist in establishing an investigation.
  • Drug paraphernalia around property such as small plastic baggies, needles, unknown chemical odors, hidden gardens, unusual outdoor or indoor electrical wiring or lighting, molded tin foil, discarded pill bottles, used marijuana joints, discarded straws or rolled items. Recommendation – Report observations to the police department. Indicate the location and address of the paraphernalia.

  • The exchange of cash between persons. This may occur between pedestrians or between pedestrians and vehicles. Quite prevalent outside of bars and high suspected drug use areas. Recommendation – Report the description of persons involved, location of transaction, clothing descriptions, vehicles involved, license plate numbers, and vehicle color. This type of activity is best reported through the 911 center but can also be reported through the Drug Hotline.

  • Suspicious Activity consisting of persons loitering in unlit or dimly lit areas, persons observed meeting inside of cars – behind alleys – at the rear of buildings – or near high pedestrian traffic areas – and increased petty thefts from properties or cars.

Common sense and cooperation is the key in our goal at diminishing drug use and drug sales in Clifton Heights. Often your mere suspicion that illegal drug activity is occurring is a good start. Too often, the police department receives information that is insufficient or too vague to initiate an investigation.

Respectfully yours,

Mayor Kelly, Borough Council and Clifton Heights Police Department