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Operating a business is not an easy task. Unfortunately the safety of company assets and employees are overlooked due to the perceived notion that it is too expensive. These are a few tips to help business owners and employees avoid being the victim of crime and assist the police in the event a crime happens.

  1. Keep your business clean and customer friendly. Maintain the exterior of your store front to attract customers. A thriving business is less attractive to those intending to commit violent crimes such as robbery.
  2. Keep exterior advertising to a minimum so police and pedestrian traffic can view inside your store while passing by.
  3. Secure both front and rear access to your business with quality locks that are tamper proof.
  4. Keep as little cash as possible on hand. Never count deposits in view of the public, do so in a secure area out of view.
  5. Meet and greet every customer who enters your business. This is good for business and puts potential thieves on notice that their presence is known.
  6. Install quality alarm and surveillance equipment. The technology has become more affordable and user friendly. Learn how it operates and make your employees familiar with it also.
  7. Mark exits with tape at measured heights. This allows any witnesses to give accurate height information to police should a crime occur.

We encourage you to contact the police department at any time to assist you is crime-proofing your establishment.