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Officer Kevin Schieler – Badge # 4433

Page of Special Recognition

On Friday, February 18, 2011, Clifton Heights Police Officer Kevin Schieler conducted a car stop as a result of suspicious activity called in by an alert resident. During the course of this car stop, events occurred resulting in extremely severe injuries to Kevin.

A broken leg, two broken hips, a broken pelvis, a fractured spine, all of his left side ribs broken, a deflated – punctured lung and bleeding into his chest cavity all occurred as a result of this incident. Kevin has undergone two long surgeries, spent over one week in intensive care, spent an additional week in recovery and was recently moved to a Rehabilitation Hospital for a short stay before he moves back home to recuperate for 6-8 weeks in an effort to allow his body to repair itself. After his healing, he is expected to return back to Rehab, where he will undergo extensive-long term rehabilitation in an effort to get his life back to some level of normalcy.

Our hearts and support go out to Kevin and his family who will endure a long and strenuous battle. We want Kevin and his family to know we are there for them and stand alongside you in your battle to return.

The Clifton Heights Police Department and Borough of Clifton Heights devote this special page of recognition to Officer Kevin Schieler for his bravery and devotion to the protection of our community. Kevin is true hero and we pray that with god’s will and hard work, Kevin will return back to our ranks as soon as possible.