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Clifton Heights Borough is part of the Delaware County 911 system. If you have a police, fire or medical emergency:

Dial 911

If you wish to speak with a police officer you may request the 911 – center to have an on-duty officer stop or call you, even if it is not an emergency.

The 911 call-taker has been trained to ask a series of specific questions. This is for your protection, the protection of officers and for liability purposes. Please use patience when answering these questions.

The Clifton Heights Police Department Administrative and Clerical Offices are not manned 24 hours a day. If you leave a message on the police department’s non-emergency phone message system, you may not receive a return call until the next workday.

You may also send us a message using this form.


Clifton Heights Police (610) 623-3242

Clifton Heights Borough (610) 623-1000

Clifton Heights Drug Hotline (610) 626-5973

Clifton Heights Fire Company (610) 623-7455

Clifton Heights Code Enforcement (610) 623-3223

Clifton Heights District Court (610) 626-6900

Delaware Co. Animal Control (610) 522-1113